Google URL Shortening Service Turning Down FDL

google url shortner will stop serving

Google Announced to Turn Down URL Shortening Service. But all existing users will be served a year more until March 30, 2019. As Google Blog Post they are going to replace their URL shortening service with FDL Fire Base Dynamic Link Service. All existing user and links will be continue to redirecting URL links. for more detailed info please visit this google blog post. From April 13 2018 new users will not be able to create links using google url shortening service. See More: What is SEO Google Keyword Planner Tool   What is BitCoin ? – BitCoin Explained in Simple Read More …

What is BitCoin ? – BitCoin Explained in Simple Words


What is BitCoin BitCoin Explained in Simple Words   Now a days people are crazy for Bitcoin and all other crypto currencies. BitCoin is made with tow different words. Bit and Coin so in short we write it as Bit Coin. Bit means a bit of information in computer technology and Coin Means a piece of money. So What is Bitcoin the name of Bitcoin is saying itself its about a currency related to computer or Internet. BitCoin is a currency which is used in internet world to buy or sale different stuff. BitCoin is a Crypto Currency it means Read More …

Silicon Harbor Has Become a Tech Spot – Latest Tech News


  Silicon Harbor is  Home for more than 250 tech companies with 11000 employees. Silicon harbor is now a technical spot.  The city is no 1 in US well known as technology and chip manufacturing. Silicon valley which is very famous about inventions of advanced technologies. Ideas about new technology valued more here. People says everything is possible in silicon valley from idea to real dream. This is great tech news because silicon valley is grabbing more attention that is good for new technology innovation.    

How to Move Prestashop From Live Server to Localhost | Localhost PrestaShop

PrestShop to Localhost

PrestaShop E commerce System From Live Sever to Local Host [SOLVED] Moving prestashop from live server to local host is as simple as any other site. Just problem occurs when we got reconfigured domain name. Even if you do basic database configurations properly but still site not working. You will get your interface without style or in creepy design. This problem occurs when we need to configure our base URL settings in prestashop. After reading this tutorial you will be able to move any prestashop site to any new domain, hosting or even on localhost. Steps: Download your prestashop files from Read More …

How to use HTML Colors With CSS Style Sheets


HTML Colors Using CSS Style Sheets 5th Tutorial Welcome to HTML 5th tutorial. In this tutorial we will learn how to use CSS for HTML colors. As in our previous CSS tutorial we have learnt in details about CSS Colors. So rollup your sleeves and get ready to code for HTML Colors. Creating a colorful charming and user friendly interface is an art. CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) made this art easy for website designers. If you are not familiar with CSS colors you can See a Tutorial About CSS Colors here. Before going deep inside of this art we should Read More …

How to choose CSS Colors for your Website 2nd CSS tutorial


Choosing CSS Colors Welcome to 2nd CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) tutorial as in earlier tutorial, we got an introduction to CSS. In this tutorial we will learn how to use CSS Colors for your website. As we know all formatting and sizing for website parts and components can be programmed in CSS. Also we can use CSS colors to make website more colorful. To make a web interface more eye catching and keep difference between web controls and menus. Its great solution to give different colors to different objects will create a look where all components and menus will appear separately. So Read More …

What is CSS, An Introduction to Style Sheets


What is CSS, Introduction As we know we create web pages in HTML actually HTML is used to create basic structure for web page. We can say we can draw a simple pencil sketch of web page with HTML but to make it more colorful and attractive we need to use CSS. So what is CSS actually its Makeup for your website, as human use makeup to make face beautiful and attractive in same way websites use CSS to look pretty. CSS stands for (Cascading Style Sheets). I mean you can use CSS to make a better and beautiful look of Read More …

How to Select  Best keywords for your website using keyword planner tool


Google Adword keyword planner tool Now a days every one like to search everything on internet and they use search engines like google, Bing etc. Search engines refer them to a relevant website containing stuff or content related to searching keywords. In this tutorial we will talk about keyword planner tool. Actually we will use google adword keyword planner tool for this purpose. As you know SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is very important for a website traffic and involves to deliver huge organic traffic from search engines. if website or blog is well optimized with SEO standards. Keyword planning is Read More …

HTML Attributes 4th Tutorial


HTML Attributes Welcome to HTML 4th tutorial we will learn here about HTML attributes. Actually HTML attributes provide flexibility in formatting for example if you want to change the color of heading or you want make some text bold or even you want to create a link all you need to do is just using HTML attributes. So we can style our HTML page and make it more attractive using HTML attributes. So its something close to formatting like text size and alignment etc. Attributes are mostly used for small projects or pages which require inline CSS we will learn Read More …

2nd Tutorial How to Install WordPress to LocalHost


Install WordPress to LocalHost Welcome to 2nd  wordpress tutorial. As in our previous WordPress Tutorial, we discussed about WordPress and its introduction. Now in this tutorial, we will learn how to install WordPress at local host and also how to install wordpress at live server. If you have a website hosting account then we suggest you to work online and install your worpress at live server. However its better to work offline at your local host to test different themes and plugins. We will upload our final webstie to a live server later. But working with live server, a website hosting Read More …

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