Best Laptop for Watching Movies And Listening to Music in 2020 [Cheap & Powerful]

Best Laptop for Watching Movies And Listening to Music


Which laptop should you buy right now in 2020 for Watching Movies And Listening to Music well you came to the right place.

Because this is the ultimate buyer’s guide for a multimedia laptop on pretty much any budget so whether you’re looking for a laptop under the 600 to $750 range or the maybe mid $1,500 range. Or the high-end range of anywhere from two thousand to four thousand dollars. This article will help you make that decision.

If you’re new to the blog my name is Awais this is where you’re going to find the best tech and tools for creative professionals. First and foremost in this article, these laptops are going to be priced from lowest to highest.

So why do I think eight gigs of ram is essential why do I think 16 gigs of ram or 32 gigs of ram are important for your laptop and then we’re gonna see an example of component usage in the task manager.

One specific category that I’m going to focus on is going to be RAM, and you’re going to see the use case there. I can only include few laptops for this article, or this article would go on for hours and hours of reading so I’ve selected 26 laptops that I have experience with and I am most confident in recommending.

The first thing we’re going to be talking about is use cases so are you going to be using a basic 1080p multimedia.

This is quick List for Multimedia laptops Click to See

The first laptop up on the list is the Lenovo v14.

I like this laptop it comes with the latest rise in 540 500 you which has a fantastic processor coming with the AMD Radeon six graphics so this laptop is an excellent start for watching HD and  1080p Movies.

It’s a six-core six thread at 2.3 gigahertz base clock, and four gigahertz turbo boost it has eight gigs of RAM now this is not my top recommendation as you’ll learn later in the article eight gigs of ram is not my top recommendation, but it is a great start.

I’d always recommend upgrading this later if you want to get more performance out of your laptop it comes with 256 gigs of solid-state hard drive. It is a 14 inch full HD display reaching a colour gamut range of 50% srgb and 40% Adobe RGB, so this laptop is great for performance in the primary category.

But struggles in the colour gamut range next laptop up on the list is the Lenovo Flex 5. This laptop comes with the risin 5 4500 you just like the V 14 it has the AMD Radeon 6 graphics and that rise in 5 4500 you hit 2.3 gigahertz base clock four gigahertz turbo clock and has a six-core six thread processors.

This is great for multitasking as well as that basic 1080p movie streaming you’re going to have eight gigs of RAM 256 gigs of solid-state hard drive a 14-inch display that reaches 59% srgb and 38% Adobe RGB. So these laptops are not very well known for their ability to do colour gamut range.

And that happens because they’re more in the budget category-budget laptops look to save money and they usually cut on-screen costs. So that’s a struggle we see here, and these are the estimated prices, so you’re seen up here this laptop at $5.99

when you click through in the link, you’re going to get the actual live price these are the prices that I saw when I was writing this article.

Dell Inspiron 14

This multimedia laptop comes with the i-5 1035 g4 with four cores eight threads a base clock of 1.2 gigahertz. A turbo boost of 3.3 v does the intro Intel Ultra HD graphics and has eight gigs of RAM.

This one comes with solid-state hard drive plus one terabyte of a standard hard disk drive which I think is cool because you can run your system on the solid-state hard drive for faster performance.

But then have a lot of storage with the one terabyte hard disk drive to save a lot of movies and music. This has a fourteen inch full HD display, but unfortunately, I could not find specs in colour.  This is a laptop that I have not had in the studio to run tests on, but I do have experience with the Inspiron.

Acer Swift 3

Acer Swift 3 it’s my favourite multimedia laptop for watching movies and listing music. It’s going to be the most powerful laptop with an eight-core eight-thread processor it’s the AMD risin seven 4700. With a base clock of 2.0 and a turbo clock of 4.1 gigahertz.

AMD Radeon 7 graphics eight gigs of ram 512 gigs of solid-state hard drive and a 14 inch full HD IPS display. And the previous model of this laptop had a 99% srgb and a 64% Adobe RGB colour gamut range.

So this is going to be the best laptop for colour gamut and the highest performing laptop in this category. This laptop comes in at around six hundred forty-nine dollars at the writing of this article.

HP ProBook 455 G7

HP ProBook 455 G7 this laptop is coming in around 840 dollars with also the AMD rise n7 at 4700 you with eight cores eight threads 2.0 gigahertz base clock.

And 4.1 gigahertz turbo has the and e7 graphics 16 gigs of ram this is the best ram 206 gigs of solid-state hard drive 15.6 Full HD IPS display with a colour gamer range of 56% as RGB and 36% Adobe RGB. This laptop has better performance actually than the Acer Swift 3.

Forgive me for that, but the reason I say the source of 3 is the best for performance is that I’m considering the screen read the screen and colour range so for overall performance, but this has the best power with the 16 gigs of ram we also paying an extra $200 for this laptop.

Alright, we’re jumping into the advanced  4k movies player.

Lenovo IdeaPad l3 40

First and foremost as the Lenovo IdeaPad l3 40  is a great laptop to start us off, it’s around seven hundred and thirty-eight dollars for an excellent performance.

With the i5 9300 h4 core eight-thread processor 2.4 gigahertz base clock with a 4.0 gigahertz turbo clock, this is the first laptop with a dedicated GPU which is fantastic for watching movies online. You’re going to have smooth timelines you’re going to have good fast forward times it comes with the Nvidia GeForce gtx 1650 graphics processing unit.

This one has eight gigs of ram, so if you want to get even more power out of this laptop I’d recommend upgrading to 16, and you can get this laptop with 512 GB solid-state hard drive the 15.6 Full HD display and as a colour range of 63% srgb and 41% Adobe RGB.

So I’m going to say this is the area that you’re going to see a lot of these laptops lacking until we move up to the mid-tier to high-end laptops colour range is something that they scrunch grant scrounge scrimp something they think to cut it cheap on.

Let’s just say that, and so this is one of those laptops that you’ll see that here next to the MSI of 63 thin this is one of my favourite laptops as far as running calm and quiet as a great cooling system and so if you want more of a calm laptop in this category.

this is the one I would consider this comes in around eight hundred and seventy-four dollars has the i5 and ninety-three hundred H at four cores eight threads two-point four base clock 4.0 turbo clock, and it too has the Nvidia GeForce gtx 1650 graphics processing unit eight gigs of ram 512 gigs of the solid-state hard drive 15 inches full HD display and as a colour a range of 56% srgb 36%

Adobe RGB again not the best RGB range but if you want to maybe if you’re already consider let me say if you’re already considering having an external monitor to make your workflow even better which I personally definitely recommend and I use external monitors I will list some in the description below that are colour accurate

so what you could do is save some money on the actual laptop and then get that extra monitor you were already going to get and get an accurate colour monitor, so the thing is if you want an additional monitor, but you want colour accuracy, and you go ahead, and you buy a big you know an expensive laptop ‘el then that kind of cut your budget for the monitor

so you know you can kind of balance everything out here considering what you are going to buy so like I said a list of those in the description below if you do make a purchase to that link like I said will get a small commission but at no extra cost to you guys alright

MSI creator 15 M I

Next is the MSI creator 15 M I like this laptop from MSI the main reason is the colour gamut range this is one of the best colour gamut range you’re going to see in this category 100% srgb, and 71% Adobe RGB this laptop has the i5 9300 H with four cores eight threads 2.4 base clock 4.0 turbo clock

as the Nvidia GeForce gtx 1660 TI 16 gigs of ram 256 gigs of solid-state hard drive and a 15 Full HD display this is my opinion the top to your laptop in this category great by MSI’s doing some really good stuff for creators and this is a pretty solid price point for these specs

Lenovo Legion 5

Lenovo Legion 5 this is the latest laptop on which you are going to enjoy your all multimedia. For watching movies, I cannot stop myself by recommending this beast.

From the Rison processor category, this has the AMD rise in seven 4800 Height cores 16 threads a multitasking beast at a 2.9 geeker her base clock and a 4.2 turbo clock the Nvidia GeForce gtx 16:58 gigs of ram 500 gigs of a solid-state hard drive.

15.6 full HD display with a card game L-train’s that is unfortunately currently unknown I have not been able to get this laptop in personally, but I wanted to offer this one because it is the one of the latest laptops with the new rise in processor and I know a lot of people are wondering ok which laptops have the new resident processor

I want a new rise in the processor so I’m trying to include with more of these on the list to help you guys I talk to Lenovo recently they might be sending one of these my way but no guarantees on that right now this laptop is actually more affordable than the Creator M, but the Creator M is gonna have better colour accuracy so definitely keep that in mind alright

Lenovo Legion Y 540

Lenovo Legion Y 540 this laptop is gonna have one of my favourite processors for watching movies and listing music in 2020 that is until you know the i7 10 750 H has now come out

but until then this has been my top recommended processor it has six cores 12 threads 2.6 gigahertz clock 4.0 5 turbos and as an Nvidia GeForce gtx 1650 graphics processing unit 8 gigs of ram 512 gigs of solid-state hard drive and a 15.6 full HD display with a colour range of the 90s 91% srgb and 59% Adobe RGB

so a pretty solid laptop here definitely one of my tops recommended especially at this price point pretty good price I know it doesn’t fit into everybody’s budget but it is a very reasonable price for the performance that you get

Asus Tough a 15

I’ve actually done a full review of this laptop on my blog, so if interested in this laptop, you can definitely head on over and check out that article after you watch this one of course

so this laptop comes with the AMD Rison 7 4800 H 2.9 base clock 4.2 turbo clock eight cores 16 threads gtx 1660 TI 16 gigs of ram 500 gigs of solid-state hard drive and a 15.6 full HD display but unfortunately that 66% srgb and 49% Adobe RGB is really discouraging people because they want that colour accuracy which I fully understand which is

why I recommend getting a laptop with great performance and then getting the external monitor that is colour accurate if you’re like I said if you’re already gonna consider getting an external monitor, then you might as well save a bit on the laptop and get a really great external monitor

because you even have colour accurate and colour accurate, but unless you’re always on the road and you need colour accuracy on your laptop screen it’s like it’s kind of a trade-off. Personally, I’m always editing on my external monitor anyway I never edit on my main laptop screen, so it really defeats the purpose for me even having a colour accurate laptop screen on this Dell XPS 15 that I use alright

Asus Rogue Strix G

Asus rogue Strix G  Laptop comes with the i7 97 50 H processor with six cores and 12 threads a 2.6 secure base clock 4.0 5 turbos the GeForce gtx 1650 16 gigs of ram 500 gigs of solid-state hard drive and an accurate colour screen of 89% srgb and 58% Adobe RGB

this is one of my favourite laptops recommend 16 gigs of ram a great GPU a fantastic CPU, and at a reasonable price now I say decent because you know this isn’t cheap, but it has a great performance, and the colour accuracy is modest it’s not great, but it’s modest, so if you’re considering a mid-range laptop this is one of my top picks

Asus Zephyrus g14

Asus Zephyrus g14 this laptop has gotten a lot of press recently with the risin 940 900 HS 3.0 base clock 4.3 turbo clock the RT X 2060 max Q 16 gigs of ram one terabyte of storage 14 inches full HD display and a hundred per cent srgb and 75% Adobe AIR great laptop great specs.

definitely want to consider if you want a rise end processor with good colour accuracy, and fantastic performance definitely recommend this one here alright the Razer Blade 15 base this is, in my opinion, the MacBook Pro of the Windows laptops it has fantastic build quality great sound on the speakers

I’ve heard this at CES, and I thought it was sounded very good not quite American Book Pro standards the new MacBook Pro 16 but definitely getting close as far as the speakers are concerned and you’re gonna have more ports than a MacBook Pro just keep that in mind this laptop comes with these six core 12th or at I 710 750 H processor the predecessor the i7 9th gen that I so love

the 2.6 base clock turbo clock of 4.05 NVIDIA GTX 1660 TI 16 gigs of RAM 500 well gigs of solid-state hard drive and a colour gamut range of 91% srgb and 59% Adobe RGB if you’re looking for you know somewhat of a budget-friendly MacBook Pro

so to speak and you are ok with using the Windows platform the Windows operating system this isn’t awesome by I mean you’re basically saving around $1,000 when you look at this laptop and what it gives you so definitely consider that the Acer predator Helios 300 this is the number one selling laptop on my blog for last year and so far this year people are loving this laptop

I personally like this laptop a lot it has a full aluminium design it’s got great performance and a great price point so if you’re looking for a good mid-range article editing laptop you’re also maybe someone who does some gaming

this is a great buy this laptop comes to the i7 97 50h turbo boost up to 4.0 gigahertz and a base clock of 2.6 the Nvidia GeForce gtx 660ti 16 gigs of ram fire on 12 gigs of solid-state hard drive and a 15.6 inch full HD display of 93% srgb and 60% Adobe RGB

so not only is it you know pretty good price great performance but it has decent colour accuracy which is awesome this is the fraternal twin of the Acer predator Helios 300 it is the Acer cons to d3 a fantastic laptop being put out by Acer that is for content creators

now this laptops price is currently unknown, and as far as I can tell basically unavailable everywhere in ok so then you’re thinking ok then why did you include it

because this laptop was kind of the best of both worlds when it was available around $1,600 ok it has 99% srgb 100% DCI p3 and according to my test 100% Adobe RGB it has an i7 9750 H processor it has a gtx 1650 graphics processing unit 16 gigs of ram and 512 GB of the solid-state hard drive there is no laptop currently available that pulls all these specs together into one laptop I’ve done a full review multiple flow reviews on this laptop

so if you head on over to my blog you can check it out. Hopefully, they release some new models soon hopefully the 20 20 or 20 21 s come out, and we can get more of these into the market because I think these are a fantastic mid-range buy for colour accuracy and performance so keep an eye out on this laptop

hopefully, we’re getting some out soon, but I just wanted to let you know about this laptop because I really think it’s a great Buy the gigabyte Aero of 15 also one that fits into the laptop category would be the Acer concept d3 it is a hundred per cent colour accurate in RGB and Adobe RGB

it’s around sixteen to seventeen hundred dollars depending on the model you get, and the one that we have featured here at that price point has the i7 9750 h gtx 660ti and 16 gigs of ram as well as 512 news of solid-state hard drive this laptop is super cool as well because they actually send it through a Pantone certification process where each laptop coming out of the factory is tested to make sure that the colour range is up to par with the specs that they promise

so this laptop is one of my favourites it was my what I consider my Best in Show at CES 2020 so definitely keep an eye on this laptop and consider it if you’re going to be making a purchase the Dell XPS 1575 90 this laptop is my daily driver, so this is a lot I use on the day-to-day I have an older iteration of it

but this is the same build-up that I have this one comes with the i7 9750 H 16 gigs of ram this laptop comes at the i7 9750 h base clock of 2.6 turbo clock a 4.0 5 6 cores 12 threads the GeForce gtx 1650 graphics processing unit 16 gigs of ram one terabyte of solid-state storage and a 4k display that is 100% srgb and a hundred per cent Adobe RGB colour accurate, so this is a great laptop

that’s all-aluminium thin with great performance Adam medium price medium to the high price point at this point, but if you’re looking for build quality performance and colour accuracy this is a fantastic laptop

Dell XPS 15 9500

Dell XPS 15 9500 this is the most recent Dell XPS on the market I was able to find one on Amazon, but they’re slowly making their way to market I wanted to include it just because I know a lot of you are going to be thinking about it and I’m also that yes it is absolutely a fantastic buy for listening music and watching movies on it’s around 1,800 to 2,000 dollars

depending on the price point that you get it could be a little less because this one has like 32 to 64 gigs of ram and it’s hair byte SSD storage so it could be a little bit less if you get less RAM and storage, but you’re gonna say this one has eight cores and 16 threads with the i7 1087 5 H processor and it also has 32 to 64 gigs of RAM has a colour gamut range of a hundred per cent srgb and 100% Adobe RGB as well so the newest Dell XPS 15 is a great Buy as well

Lenovo ThinkPad x1 extreme

The Lenovo ThinkPad x1 extreme I took a look at this laptop at CES 2020 it is a great laptop well-built, great performance has the i7 9750 h gtx 1650 graphics processing unit 16 gigs of ram 512 gigs of solid-state hard drive

and a 15 inch full HD display with the colour gamut range of 99% srgb and 68% Adobe RGB, not a great colour game at range not gonna lie not you know not amazing like the two laptops before

but still, good colour gamut range the only thing that it’s not great is because of this price point I mean if you’re gonna be at this price point in my opinion by this day and age you need to start stepping up your game with colour accuracy especially for creators

MacBook Pro 16

MacBook Pro 16 one of my favourite laptops again now for a long time let me pull this back up haven’t looked at y’all in a while for a long time the Mac was struggling in my opinion from about 2016 to 2017 about 2016 2018 I would say the MacBook Pro was struggling then in 2019

they finally came out with what I would consider a creator focus laptop, so this laptop has the performance that you need as an article editor graphic design or a photographer to actually get the task done that you’re looking to accomplish and it has the build quality to do so as well hashtag get rid of that butterfly keyboard

all right this laptop comes with the latest I 790 750 H processor six cores and 12 threads with a base clock of 2.6 gigahertz in 4.05 turbo clock we have an AMD Radeon Pro 5300 M with four gigs of VRAM now for 4k article editing that is plenty honestly and a lot of people are saying you know I wanna get the higher grade model

I want to get the i-9 honestly this I 7 if you watch my review on it you’re getting the fastest export times out of any i7 processor on the market so this is plenty of laptop for graphic designers article editors and photographers I feature the other MacBook Pro with the I 9 and the higher-end GPU later in this article

because I think that is a laptop that you’ll consider for 6k that’s a laptop, you’ll consider for like full-on After Effects rig, but for 4k article editing this laptop will be plenty you can check the comment section of that article a lot of people are green after purchasing the laptop they’re saying yes this was the perfect amount of performance

I didn’t need to spend way more money if you want to upgrade one thing on this laptop I consider upgrading the RAM to 32 gigs otherwise this laptop is pro, in my opinion, they’ve done a great job with this laptop alright

Asus Zenbook Pro Duo

Asus Zenbook pro duo the ultimate workflow laptop, in my opinion, this is a fantastic laptop for Watching movies and other multimedia use. Asus knocked it out of the park with this dual-screen laptop a level you can have the timeline on the bottom screen and have your all of your effects and your visual panel on the top screen

I think it’s a really neat concept I use it at CES quite a bit and it was a lot of fun and very effective for workflow this laptop comes with the i7 9750 H the r-tx 2060 GPU which is a fantastic GPU great for the timeline great for rendering just a good

buy it’s a good medium to high-end GPU 16 gigs of ram having 12 gigs of solid-state hard drive and a 4k 15.6-inch display at 81% srgb and 62% Adobe RGB

Asus Pro Art Studio Book Pro 17

This laptop comes with the Intel Xeon e2 276 m with six cores and 12 threads a 2.8 gigahertz clock and a 4.7 Gert hurts turbo clock the Nvidia Quadro r TX 3000 which I’ll explain and talk about more later in the article 32 gigs of ram two terabytes of solid-state storage 17 inches full HD display with a colour game at a range of 99% srgb 75% Adobe RGB and 97% DCI p3 colour accuracy

MacBook Pro 16 with the I $9.99 ath processor

MacBook Pro 16 with the I $9.99 ath processor the AMD Radeon Pro 5500 M 64 gigs of ram one terabyte of solid-state storage a 16 inch full HD display colour gamut range of a hundred per cent srgb and 100% Adobe RGB and we actually this is the Retina display

but it doesn’t really have it’s you know sitting in its own classification, so this laptop is great for 6k article editing is fantastic for After Effects and any rendering that you’re going to be doing this is really your 3d After Effects 6k Apple MacBook Pro editing laptop now

I mean if you want to just dump a bucket of cash into the Mac Pro tower by all means but if you wanted to be on a decent budget have a portable laptop this is gonna be my recommendation

Razor Blade 15

next is the razor blade 15 studio Edition people are considering this the but pro killer I’m on the fence about it you know if you love Mac then you mean obviously you’ll just go with Mac in my opinion

but if you’re considering Windows, it is a great powerhouse for that you have the i7 9750 H processor the NVIDIA Quadro r-tx 5000 32 gigs of ram one terabyte of solid-state storage a 15.6 inch 4k OLED display

at 100% srgb and a hundred-per cent Adobe RGB so a great laptop great specs for this 6k category last but not least is the gigabyte arrow 15 I played around this laptop a good bit at CES and we were doing some like rendering and timeline playback test with 6k footage

and with this r-tx 20/80 Supermax acute turned on it literally breeze through the playback of 6k footage like you wouldn’t believe so this has the eight-core 16 thread I 9 1098 HK with a base clock of 2.4 turbo clock of 5.3 this comes with either 32 or 64 gigs of ram depending on where you buy it

if you decide to make a purchase and there are 512 gigs of a solid-state hard drive of 15.6-inch display and 100% srgb along with 100% Adobe RGB definitely a fantastic laptop one of my top recommendations for this category all right this is the point in the article that I am most excited about

because it is what equips you to make a good purchasing decision on your own terms it’s how you understand ok the specs do what in the laptop and which specs should I get and what does the performance I need for the exact use case that I for you the user are going to be getting so we’re gonna dive into this right now

the first thing that we’re gonna take a look at is the processors so rise NH and Intel H processors these are something like the rise in 9:00 at 4900 HS or the rise in 740 hundred HS or the Intel i5 90 300 H or the i7 97 50 H or the 10 750 H ok so these processors are they gonna be the highest performing processors offered by Intel and Rison they are gonna beat out most if not all of you processors now

there’s a little bit of competition happening here between the risin 5 4500 you and say the i-5 90 300h there’s a little bit of competition happening there, but overall if you see an H processor it is going to be most likely more powerful

especially if it’s one of the newer generations either a 9th or 10th generation from Intel and if it’s a 4000 series from Rison they’re going to be beating out u series and the GS series processors they’re just made to perform at a higher speed ok

next on the list, we have the rise in 4,000 new series and the Intel G and new series that’s something like the rise in 740 700 you the rise in 540 500 you the i7 1065 g7 the i5 1035 g7 these are processors that fit along with this category of performance, so we’re gonna say these were the advanced 1080p and 4k processors

these were the 1080p and maybe some slightly advanced 1080p but more along with the basic 1080p and as we get down here these are going to be the basic definitely basic 1080p and then as we move down here you’re not really even gonna be able to edit an article on these guys down here the rise in 3000 series the i3

I don’t personally recommend these prep these processors I just don’t think they have enough power this is just a basic walkthrough of how to really categorize the processors if you want a full guide on the processors about how to choose your processor and where they stand in the list of all the processors as far as performance is concerned

unit the NVIDIA Quadro r-tx 5000 this is for professionals rather than gamers this is how they’re marketing these processors I personally don’t know if they’re that better why because we’ve only had a handful of laptops come out with them which I have actually not personally been able to get my hands on

so it’s kind of fishy in my opinion I think they’re doing good Nvidia is doing good to try and put out processors that are optimized for article editing for After Effects but without enough laptops on the market to really benchmark them against the GeForce you know quote-unquote gaming processors we don’t know what to think because right off the bat the RT x28 ETI destroys the Quadro 5000 but then again this standard 2080 is about 5% slower than the Quadro

but slower what you know this is just some user benchmark tests that we see so you know without getting a lot of people article editing and testing these laptops for that we’re not quite sure if this Quadro is really the answer to getting better GPUs or if we’re just waiting for the new RX 3000 series now as far as our TX vs GTX is concerned the RT X have the higher-end category had somebody asked that recently this you know what’s there between our TX and GTX more CUDA cores that are basically the answer you’re gonna get more power

maybe better-cooling systems so they can run in a higher performance level I always recommend user benchmark to check out the different specs and the differences between GPUs and CPUs to kind of put them head-to-head people say that’s not like strong enough data, but it gives you a good benchmark to see ok this one is gonna be slightly more performing than this one, and now I’m gonna go look at

maybe a dedicated article about somebody testing it for article editing to see if I like the performance that that laptop ends up getting that’s my recommendation I recommend really going through the buyers’ processes using my articles using even other people’s articles if I haven’t been able to proof and really review the laptops just do your homework that’s my recommendation this is a big purchase, and you want to make sure you’re getting what you pay for ok

Nvidia r-tx 2070

Nvidia r-tx 2070 and 2016 these are great for motion design and 6k footage really great performing GPUs they’re gonna be the more expensive laptops and anywhere from this 1700 to $3,000 range the AMD Radeon 550 500 M with eight gigs of VRAM this again is going to be from motion design and 6k footage this is the GPU found within the MacBook Pro

Nvidia gtx 660ti

Nvidia gtx 660ti this is one of my favourite graphics processing units because it’s a really nice and middle-of-the-road graphics processing unit it’s got great performance not quite a 2060 or 2070 but not as low as you know some of maybe some of the 1650s and 1050 s that have come out in the past this laptop really hits the middle of the road very well and it comes in at usually pretty solid price points like I said good for 1080p and 4k without any problems

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 16:50 this is great for 1080p, and some 4k medium-sized projects after that are the slightly older gtx 1050 and also let’s say the 1050 Ti that is the GPU that’s found in my current laptop

the Dell XPS 15 and then now we even have like the 1050 Ti in say the 90-95 70 and there’s 1650 which is in the 75 90 and now the 9500 the Dell XPS 9500 has a 1650 ti if I’m not mistaken so keep those different things in mind as the newer laptops come out we always have newer GPUs faster GPUs, and it’s just the name of the game

alright Nvidia GeForce MX series I would say four-light 1080p projects these aren’t really great dedicated GPUs they’re more of like mobile GPUs I just I’m not a huge fan of these but if it fits in your budget then you know they’re a good buy, but they’re just not what I would consider powerful like these in the semi to medium price point alright

next, we’re looking at RAM random access memory, or just memory never say Ram memory because people will hate you for it I say Ram memory on accident it’s just a filthy habit and everybody always comments this is written memory I’m getting an aneurysm from this, and I’m like I’m sorry it’s a filthy habit


next is eight gigs this is for light 1080p article editing but tends to get overloaded and slow down quickly as you start to work inside of the program rather than me DaVinci Resolve, or Premiere Pro 16 gigs are my recommended baseline for the best experience in 1080p and 4k, and it’s also Adobe’s recommendation is to start at 16 gigs of ram 32 gigs of ram is my personal favourite, and it’s also Adobe’s recommended as far as like they’re like premiere recommended

this is like their baseline like don’t go below this, and this is what they say yes this is like awesome for our program that’s my personal favourite I think it’s plenty of RAM for 4k article editing and maybe even some 6k article editing 64 gigs of ram is

for peak performance and 4k and motion design and no problems with 6k article editing all right now we’re gonna jump into a live test that I’ve run and shown you guys how much RAM is consumed within Premiere Pro and why I think 16 gigs of ram is the baseline alright now before we go ahead and open up Premiere Pro

some other programs to see how much RAM usage takes place I want to show you how much RAM we’re using just to open up the computer and be you know running without any programs open now right now I do have my screen recorder open and task manager, but the screen recorder is only using about half a gig of ram so we can count that off

but as I open my computer at a standstill I’m already using about six-and-a-half almost seven gigs of ram not including the screen recorder as I just mentioned and as we look at all these different background processes that are taking place we are consuming a substantial amount of RAM just off of these background tasks now I could close down you know maybe this Norton security

that I really don’t need running in the background personally maybe the notifications manager from Adobe, but overall I want background tasks running because it’s what runs my computer and so if you’re not the super technically savvy kind of like myself when it comes to these sort of background processes I’m not really gonna know what to shut down I don’t know what necessarily should be running in order to make sure my system runs smoothly

and so just that alone like I said we’re starting off at about seven gigs of ram so just to run the computer we’re almost out of RAM which is why my recommended 16 gigs of ram for article editing to me is important to consider that is unless you’re a background processes master and know which ones to shut down and in that case and instruct us on what to do in this case

but here we go we’re gonna open up Premiere Pro now and take a look at how much RAM usage happens just from opening the program all right so now to open up Premiere Pro it looks like we’re gonna be using a little bit over half a gig of ram now I’m gonna go ahead and open up a project and click play in the timeline to see how much we use at that point

all right as we open up a project we’re now to about two gigs of ram usage now I’m gonna click play in the timeline and see how much we go up to from there alright as we click play and it starts to spool up I see reason about two and a half gigs of RAM, and we’re heading up slowly towards three gigs of ram usage ok all

right now I’m gonna render out some of these files here you can see some of these different motion graphics I’m gonna render these out and see how much RAM usage we take at that point so right now just as we’re sitting running through the playback we’re using about ten gigs of RAM

so you can see where that 16 gigs can really come in handy not only running your background tasks but also then using Premiere Pro alright so let’s go ahead and get back over here I’m gonna pause this and click enter to start rendering out the files and now as I’m starting to render out the files or seen obviously a lot of CPU usage

but then look at this how much RAM we’re using to render out these files about ten gigs of ram alone this is a 1080p project, so this isn’t 4k, and we’re rendering out motion graphics right now, and this timeline is about a 20-minute timeline, and we’re rendering out about six to seven thousand frames for different motion design Clips inside of the project

so we’re sitting in about five and a half gigs once it’s levelled off bouncing towards 6:00 occasionally but still, I mean that’s the usage here in Premiere Pro then we go over to our performance, and we’re using almost 16 gigs of RAM so see that’s why I think it’s very important to have a baseline of 16 gigs because you have processes perhaps let’s see you know maybe oh I need to look something up on Google

while I’m rendering something out so let’s open up here a tab in Google or Google Chrome sorry and now we open up something in Google Chrome and now Riis in another half gig of ram and say you know I open up a couple of tabs down here you can’t see this but I’m gonna open up a couple of tabs then I’ll show you here in a second now to open up a few more tabs now we’re up to about a gig of ram and so you see it can quickly spend your ram in a hurry

alright now I’m gonna head over, and I’m gonna open up affinity photo which is very similar to photoshop, and we’re gonna see how much ram we start to consume at that point so not much used within affinity photo about a half a gig of memory, but that’s still affecting the overall usage of our ram so if I go into the performance I’m gonna look I’m using about 16 gigs of ram between the three programs plus all the background tasks that are happening right now so

that’s why my recommended minimum is 16 gigs of ram because you use it way faster excuse me I use it way faster than I realize I’m running 32 gigs of RAM and I met about half of my ram usage alright let’s talk about storage a hard disk drive is at play in an arm system that mainly reads and writes information on your hard drive whereas SSD is an immediate read and write system kind of like a thumb drive

so it’s just like like or like a flash drive whatever you want to call it I’m so reason writes on the system without any moving parts I’ve explained this like trying to look up a word in a thesaurus

so if I want to look up the word optimism and I have a thesaurus on the bookshelf in my office I’m gonna walk over to the bookshelf I’m gonna pick up the book I’m gonna flip to the word thesaurus yeah this is mainly me looking for a word, so I find the word optimism, and I say ok

it means X then I take my phone out, and I just open my phone, and I type in optimism definition or optimism into source whatever it might be, and immediately I’ll have my answer, so it’s faster and more immediate it grabs the information right from my phone rather than me going and finding it manually in the book so that’s kind of the easiest definition that I can really break down between a hard disk drive and a solid-state hard drive

now hard disk drives are going to be slightly less reliable because of the moving parts where solid-state hard drives they don’t have moving parts there’s less to break, and now with the new m dot two drives which are basically like they literally look like a thumb drive they’re like this big they’re really small um you’re gonna have even better performance

because they’re, they don’t have data cables to go through they hook directly into your motherboard more articles and more conversations on that you can check it out in the YouTube cards above or the description below and if you’re curious about storage and all the different tech terms behind it

whether it be m dot two vs nvm e versus PCIe vs SATA you can watch the dedicated article on that and learn more about storage and what your different options are I recommend SSD it is your choice if you want to pursue a specific option, but I recommend at least going with a solid-state drive alright, so that concludes the ultimate guide for choosing a laptop for watching movies and listing music in 2020.

if that wasn’t your ultimate guide if you’re missing something you’re like I didn’t get this question answered comment below let me know I’d love to answer that question for you and even make a dedicated article for you again if you’re ready to make a purchase you can head down into the description below