Computer Programming Course Introduction

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Windows Applications & Computer Programming

Now a day’s computer is almost completely involved in our lives. Mostly people don’t know how computer works and computer programming because they don’t need to know about it because now a day’s software’s and application interfaces are extremely user friendly and user can easily understand how to use it.

At the backend a software developer or a programmer has to write a program to make it easy and user friendly so a front end user can use it.

In computer programming we write instructions and set of instructions for computer which could be understood by computers.

We write logics, events, actions, mathematical operations and interface to develop applications. In these tutorials we will learn windows based application development.

We will learn from Basics to advanced as programming language we will use Visual Basic 6 and for data storage purpose we will use Microsoft Access 2003 as database.




We will create a complete project from basic to compile. Also we will learn some system programming or advanced programming while working and linking with external hardware.

SQL (Structured Query Language) is also part of these tutorials and will go through details about all SQL queries.

What we will learn and cover in Programming Tutorials

1. Introduction to Visual Basic 6
2. Working with controls and variables
3. Writing the Code
4. All types of Functions
5. Managing Database
6. Advanced database applications
7. SQL
8. Using SQL for Access database
9. File Handling
10. Creating User Interface
11. Working with Objects
12. Advanced level coding
13. Event based functions
14. Advanced System Development and Working with External Hardware like GSM Modem
15. Sending and receiving SMS using Visual Basic Application

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One thing I want to tell you that don’t fell confused while reading these steps. At first look you may feel them confusing little bit and hard to learn and understand.

But I promise you I will provide you all the tutorials in very simple way and easy as you can create a facebook page. So just you need to follow me and keep in touch with me.

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