Control management in Visual Basic 6.0 – 5th tutorial

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Control management

Control management in Visual Basic 6.0 is very easy.

There are many controls in visual basic to develop  and create better and responsive applications. Controls are also known as tools, components, or objects.

We can use any control as our requirement to design user interface for a specific application.

Just using drag and drop method its beauty of visual basic we can insert controls to our interface just by dragging them into our interface. control management is about managing controls to interface in a right way

What the Controls are?

Basically controls are for users placed at user interface user can interact with software application  using controls. Like buttons, menus, and input boxes.

To create a user friendly interface we have to place controls at right place and with right properties to our interface. And by avoiding unnecessary controls button text boxes we can create and clean user interface.

The interface that can be easily understandable by users called user friendly interface. Lets take a look to visual basic control and management.


Basic Project Properties or Attributes


Properties are attributes for any control. Properties can be used to change entire look of graphical user interface or its appearance.

To set properties to a specific control you have to change them in properties window by clicking related object or control. By clicking a specific control you can get focus on it to be appear in property window.



Types of Properties and Values


Here are many properties and specific values types for setting up properties in visual basic. Below we will take a detailed look at data types and relative values.

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      1.String Values

String values are like words mean alphabetical values. Like someone’s name or name of any location, your project description, even username and passwords are string values.

2.Boolean Values

Boolean values only have two parameters. True, and false. You can use this value to check any condition true or false in your project.

Suppose  if your user name and password is correct then value should be true and if username and password does not match then value should be false.

3.Hexadecimal Values

Hexadecimal values are used in predefined controls for specific operations. Suppose if you want to set a color which could not have a name like color name then you have to use a special hexadecimal value of relative color to get perfect shade and transparency.

4.Integer Values

All integer values consists of digits or numeric values. Like 0 to 9. We use integer values for mathematical operations.