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Covington East Myrtle Beach sc 2408

This is what you need to know before buying new Home

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Covington East Myrtle Beach sc 2408

if you’re here again this village to address a lot of newcomers where they don’t know what to do and they are asking a lot of basic questions and I thought that to provide the most value right it’s to actually have everyone to really go through this rule of the four basics so I just kind of like me mean I

so it’s the Shaun’s four basic so the four basic actually is a guide for thought process if you are planning to start your investment journey already so the first step to determine the intention of the property purchase so is it for all stay or is it for investment means that if you are buying it for capital appreciation or you’re buying it for rental returns right

Covington East Myrtle Beach sc 2408 Homes

so if you are really a person who really wants rental returns it would then be in direction of high-rise where you really look at rental and I’ll watch your ROI and things like that but if you’re going for capital appreciation then you’ll most likely be inclined to lender properties such as terrace houses the nasi lemak property of Malaysia

thank you so on stay right then I’ll just Allroad that something called a weekly we can test where you can really like test yourself right whether the location kind of suits your lifestyle or not right so that’s number one number two is actually to find out how much you are eligible for loan it means like how much money you can borrow from the Bangla so you can actually just engage a mortgage banker I also share my bankers contact here her name is Katrina so you just communicate to her life find out how much loan am I eligible

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Covington East Myrtle Beach sc 2408 Home Buying Guide

if I want to buy a property today right so am i a business owner am i an employee they’re different forms of income that can be categorized as legit income by the bangla soul at rental returns top income dividend things like that all can be categorized but they are just having different we teach in the bank’s calculation of income anyway also to go and check your secrets and see tose secrets and see does your financial report card

so to you are going to pass a report card to the bank to evaluate you whether how much they can loan you right if you have any pending payments on your PT bdn loan your credit card your car loan your personal loan whatsoever right it’s all indicated in there you don’t really need to guess right why the bank will reject you because based on that financial report card you can already tell you are sure gonna be genuine

because I two months you didn’t pay a dealer then you pay one then two months you don’t pay then you pay once again automatically all those payment data and patterns will be recorded in this piece of report this also to narrow down the properties that you need to do for your step three which is to we see around 20 different properties from high-rise to lend it from all to new from far to near the city this does to let you feel right what kind of properties that you actually like

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or you are comfortable with like some all prone high-rise then some optional and then some kind of mixture in there someone industrial someone commercial some choose only to focus on low cost some choose very ultra luxury no right no wrong it depends on what is your risk appetite and preference so in step two if you know your budget is around 750 thousand right you don’t have to spend a lot of time in looking into 1 million worth of property

Covington East Myrtle Beach sc 2408 RealEstate

so if you look lululu then you know 1 million one looks like that right then you go back to the range that you can actually afford right no appetite Li and that’s when the blog can actually come that’s a property review part to this blog where you can actually experience different types of property at the convenience of your home so if you’re busy you walk Monday to Sunday right so you can actually just brought you the blog on a property review playlists right go check it out and go familiarize yourself with actual property visits

it’s not exactly for everybody because it’s going to get hot and sweaty and stuff like that so go check them out that for when you finally find the property that you can think really suits your tastes in terms of investment or honesty then it’s important to get something within your affordability and just go with it so the motive for the blog is to actually achieve two things

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number one is for have the audience make informed decisions and take calculated risk so if you’re investing right you know what the return was the best-case scenario was the worst case in a reality here there and all and one of the things we look for in a particular location and that sums out the four steps so in conclusion again number one was the intention of the purchase is it for investment or is it for own stay both have different mindset and considerations to it

number two find out how much you’re eligible for in terms of loan how much loan you can take from the bank number three other finding on those criteria zoom in to twenty different properties right to really find out what kind of suits your tastes your preference your appetite right and then number four if you really filter down to that one that you really think is the one already then go ahead making the informed decision and taking that calculated risk

please another episode that I believe one guy most of the new property investors most of this first-time homebuyers right welcome to the journey and I’m very very happy that I can somewhat help you with Eli right I think that’s all right thank you very much for watching and if you really like this article like it share it even subscribe for more information like this until next time this is Sean Chao