How Much Money Have i Spent on League of Legends

Hi everyone I am Awais!

Are you also a game geek like me? I always spent a lot of money on video games while playing online and do a lot of in App purchases to buy game coins and tools. I am going to show you How much money have I spent on league of legends.

Also, you can also check how much money you guys have spent.

I have bought $15000 Riot Points on League of Legends.

I spent $12000 to upgrade my gaming PC so I can play smoothly.

About $1000 spent on gaming setup like chair and table etc. My total money spending on leave of legends was around $28000. But you know what I also wasted my pretty working hours on playing games which I did not calculated yet.

After spending lot of money on League of Legends I really enjoyed gaming but now i am feeling that I got game addicted.

Now I told you How much money have I spent on league. Soon I will share some secrets and my League of Legends experience. I also want to know about your spending so please use the comment box below I will read and reply to every comment.

I hope you enjoyed my huge spending on the game. Check your spending on LOL game.

My spending on League of Legends




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