How to Create MySQL Database using MySQL Server

Learn How to Create MySQL Database

Its new era of technology, so while talking about website designing or development. Cyber word is changed completely. Actually I am talking about old times when websites were static.

All parts of the website or content were just HTML pages. Even no programming or logic were used at backend. But now a days website designing can not fulfill requirements while staying as static webpage.

Now we have to design dynamic and responsive website for all types of display or devices. And also we need to store some data which can be from user end or internal data from server.

For data storage purpose we will use MySQL database and MySQL Server. In this tutorial we will learn how to create MySQL database using MySQL Server.

A database consists of bunch of tables. And tables save data. If you don’t know basics about MySQL you can see MySQL Tutorial Here.

We can create MySQL database and tables using SQL commands and using visual web interface. Creating MySQL database using SQL commands is little bit harder, we will learn this method latter.

Because I don’t want to make you confuse at startup. So for now we will learn how to create MySQL database using PHP Myadmin from web interface.




We are going to use localhost so if you don’t have installed XAMPP server install it and start XAMMP server. You can find XAMPP installation guide here.

  1. Start your XAMMP server and start MySQL service make sure it is running.
  1. Now open your web browser and type Localhost in address bar and hit enter

           You will see the XAMPP dashboard as below:



  1. Click on PHP MyAdmin and you will see the interface for MySQL database.


Now click on New located at top left corner of your dashboard and type name for your new database. Enter database name and click on create button.


Now we have created new database in MySQL Server. After creating database you will be redirected to another screen for creating new tables.

Here you can create new tables just by providing table name and number of columns. We will talk about tables briefly later in other tutorial because this tutorial was to create database for WordPress installation.

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