2nd Tutorial How to Install WordPress to LocalHost


Install WordPress to LocalHost

Welcome to 2nd  wordpress tutorial. As in our previous WordPress Tutorial, we discussed about WordPress and its introduction. Now in this tutorial, we will learn how to install WordPress at local host and also how to install wordpress at live server. If you have a website hosting account then we suggest you to work online and install your worpress at live server. However its better to work offline at your local host to test different themes and plugins. We will upload our final webstie to a live server later. But working with live server, a website hosting account is required. Actually while woking at local computer we need to make PC as LocalHost to provide HTTP protocol for Web Services. For this purpose we will use a server software called XAMPP Server. We already have posted a tutorial about XAMPP Server Here. You can find here what is XAMPP Server and how to setup XAMPP server to a local computer to make it and act like live server.

How to Install WordPress at localhost

Follow the steps below to install wordpress at local host.

  1. Install and run XAMPP Server
  2. Download WordPress from WordPres.org or Click HERE to download.
  3. Create a new Database in XAMPP using PHPMyadmin .

Here is a tutorial How To Create Database at LocalHost using PHPMyadmin.

  1. Go to root directory of your XAMPP folder and create new folder named WordPress. To install WordPress in it.
  2. Extract all files in WordPress folder from zip file which we downloaded from WordPress.org
  3. Open your web browser and type this address in address bar http://localhost/wordpress and hit enter.



Now you will see WordPress Installation screen in your browser as below:



You need to select language and click continue. In next installation setup will tell you what you need to proceed next, like database name and server name etc., that we already have done above.

how-to-install wordpress-localhost


Simply click on lets go and you will find next screen as below:



Fill out the information here as we already created database so type database name and user name ROOT as XAMPP default username is root leave the password empty. Fill form as I filled in image and click to Submit. In next page, you will see a welcome screen. Its basically information for you website. Actually wordpress will create a sample website for you, so fill the information according to your needs.


Now click on install WrodPress button and Congratulations you done.In next page you will find admin panel for your website. You can login using username and password which we provided in previous installation page. Here in my image userename is Admin and Password is 123456

Now you can see your brand new wordpress website at localhost/wordpress.


And if you want to login to your admin panel, just type localhost/wordpress/wp-admin in browser address bar and hit enter.

Now we will learn how to install wordpress at live server using Web Hosting control Panel.

How to Install WordPress on Live Server

Installation of WordPress to live server is very easy because its already configured, we don’t need to install anything like XAMMPP server or database tool just we need to Setup database.

Please follow the steps below to install wordpress to your live server.

  1. login to your Cpanel
  2. Create MySql Database using PHPMyadmin
  3. Go to Script Installer
  4. Fill the informations like databse name and server name which you can find in your hosting control panel.
  5. Install WordPress

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