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PrestShop to Localhost

PrestaShop E commerce System From Live Sever to Local Host [SOLVED]

Moving prestashop from live server to local host is as simple as any other site. Just problem occurs when we got reconfigured domain name. Even if you do basic database configurations properly but still site not working. You will get your interface without style or in creepy design. This problem occurs when we need to configure our base URL settings in prestashop. After reading this tutorial you will be able to move any prestashop site to any new domain, hosting or even on localhost.


  1. Download your prestashop files from live server to local computer.

  2. Export your mysql database

These are simple steps which we do before moving any site to new host or domain. But the prestashop takes little bit more to get configured properly.



Next Steps

3. Now create a new database in your phpMyadmin and import database which previously we downloaded form live server.

4.Note down your databse details and open this file to edit in your text editor.


as i mentioned above my prestashop folder is named as prestashop in local host so open file to edit

put here your database details in this file.


5. Now you have almost done everything but still you may get errors like too many redirects in prestashop. Or prestashop is redirecting back to localhost main page. or your browser not showing your main page correctly. So the main step to solve this problem is to add your base URL settings.

Solution for all problems after moving prestashop to localhost is below:

Your admin panel should work fine if you have entered your database details correctly.  login to your admin panel. and follow the steps below:


In my case i have folder in my localhost prestashop “http://localhost/prestashop”

Now go to your admin panel and click the menu  preferences>SEO & URLs.

Change the shop domain: localhost

No put same urs in SSL Domain: localhost

Now put your base URL as my files are inside prestashop folder so my Base URL will look like this:

Base URL:/localhost/prestashop/

Please place proper slashes in base URL as i have entered above.

Now everything is working fine.

Congratulations you have properly moved prestashop from live server to localhost.

I have written this post after wasting lot of time and facing problems with prestashop and finally i was successful to get everything working properly so i decided to share my experience to other to save your time.

If you really found this article useful please share it.

if you still have any question or you are facing any problem while configuring your prestashop to local host please comment below i will get back to you as soon ass possible and will help you to move your prestashop live website to your local host.

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