How to Select  Best keywords for your website using keyword planner tool


Google Adword keyword planner tool

Now a days every one like to search everything on internet and they use search engines like google, Bing etc. Search engines refer them to a relevant website containing stuff or content related to searching keywords. In this tutorial we will talk about keyword planner tool. Actually we will use google adword keyword planner tool for this purpose. As you know SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is very important for a website traffic and involves to deliver huge organic traffic from search engines. if website or blog is well optimized with SEO standards. Keyword planning is one of important factors in SEO. When writing article we use words and letters and when people search for that keywords search engines refer them to our website.

But before writing article we should know what people are searching on the internet. And how they write keywords when they search. For example if you have an article about footwear and you used footwear as keyword, but most people might search running shoes or shoes instead of footwear. In this case your website would not appear in search result because its optimized with different keyword. So its very important to use keyword planner tool and very relevant keywords to your article.


What is Keyword Planner Tool

Keyword planner tool is an online tool which helps you to plan best and very relevant keywords. Coming from users I mean keywords which users type in search engines. Keyword planner tool tell us about number of searches for a specific keyword made in a month or selected period. And make it easy to understand how much people are searching for a specific topic or keyword. Later we can use these keywords to optimize our website, while considering on page SEO of website.

Here in this tutorial we are going to learn about google keyword planner tool, which is basically for advertisers to get keyword ideas while submitting their ads for a specific topic or product. That’s why keyword planner tool is also called adword tool.


How to use Keyword planner tool

To work with keyword planner tool you need a google account. And simply go to

or ClickHere. Now sign up for adword and then login.

You will see the web interface as below:



In first input box (Search for new keywords using phrase) just put your keyword and click on Get ideas  no need to select other options for now. We will learn all other options later. After entering keyword you will see screen as below:


Here you can see search monthly average searches for keyword (Computer Programming) and also can see below all related keywords.

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