Introduction to Visual Basic 6.0 1st tutorial

Introduction to Visual Basic 6.0

Do you want to understand programming quickly? and want to be able to learn it by yourself. So keep reading this article and visual basic introduction to start your beautiful journey in Programming.

Your few minutes will give you a clear path to computer programming and coding skills. Visual Basic 6.0 or VB 6 is a programming language by Microsoft. Its commonly used to develop Windows Based Applications.

It is very easy to use and understand, Visual Basic provides many tools to create applications and software easily and quickly. Its and event driven programming language.  Event driven mean the code will be only executed when an event will be occurred.

Almost all applications for windows are event driven, for example nothing will happen in any program in Windows OS until you click a menu or type a text or press enter to submit your command or query like, Microsoft Word, Excel, etc. All actions made by user or any input device are called events.

What We will Learn in This Tutorial?

We will lean to clear programming concepts so we will be able to start learning and understanding everything easily. This visual basic programming course is designed for beginners.

If you are a beginner or you want to improve fundamental programming skills then this tutorial series is for you.

I have managed this tutorial in a very easy way so you can learn every step easily without missing important pieces. So you are going to learn everything about programming quickly and easily. And get ready to become a computer programmer in next 45 minutes.

Learn in a Sequence

For proper understanding you must approach everything in a proper way as in real life but also in computer programming.

After reading this post please see here A Complete course of Computer Programming.

in this link you will find every post well arranged and you will be able to learn basic concept of programming in next 45 minutes and will be able to create your fist simple Hello World Program.

Is Programming is Hard to Learn?

In quick answer yes its is. But really not computer programming is really very easy to learn for those who gave little bit time to learn what is a basic concept of programming.

if you basic programming concept is clear then does not matter which language you are going to learn, You will find everything as easy as making a cup of tea.  And Code Click will clear you basic programming concept in minutes.

Visual Basic 6 is the best programming language to make your programming concepts and fundamentals more strong.

After reading our articles you will be able to understand every programming language syntax by yourself. So give a few minutes to check our whole list of visual basic programming.

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Why we will use Visual Basic 6.0 ?

Here while learning programming we will use Visual Basic. Because Visual Basic is easy to learn and we are also learning programming from the beginning.

Many Users are here who even don’t know what programming is so we have to develop our concept for programming and basic foundation.

Visual Basic is very easy to understand for all users. just you need to focus on our lessons and read all topics from start to end we will make it more easy for you by excluding unnecessary items and topics.

Maybe you feel i am going to so much and very basics but its necessary for beginners who don’t have concepts what programming and software development is.

We will go for Advanced programming with out leaving any topic for beginners. I remember when i started programming i face many difficulties but only in start when i was beginner now i can understand any code from different languages.

so its very important to get more knowledge before you start. that’s why i chose Visual Basic and with very basic topics.

Once you have a grip to source code reading and basic syntax it would be easy for you to take a step ahead without others help individually.

maybe you ever found programming hard and confusing but don’t worry i promise to you i will make it easy for you as easy as you can send a text message from your phone.

I will be in your contact as i provided my whatsapp number above. So take it easy its not something like rocket science. Just you need to focus and concentration. Lets get ready to go ahead.

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After completing this visual basic programming course you will be able to create any type of windows based application.

We will also learn system programming to interact with different hardware available in local computer market.

Also we are going to learn how windows interacts with online websites and INTERNET. This is complete visual basic tutorial from very basics to extremely advanced.

In programming world nothing is impossible to do. You can get what you want.



Visual Basic 6.0 History

When we look back to Visual Basic. We found it very popular language  in past times.

But still Visual Basic is very useful and used widely. Especially for beginners. It will provide the basic programming concepts and techniques. Which will be useful to get a

Strong programming foundation for future and latest programming essentials.

It was derived from BASIC (Beginners All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code).

BASIC was developed in 1960 by professor John Kemeny and Thomas Kurtz. Purpose of BASIC was to provide an easy programming language and for Windows Applications.

Microsoft Designed Microsoft Visual Basic in 1991, Microsoft released many versions of Visual Basic.

But Visual Basic 6 is very famous so we will learn Visual Basic here in our tutorials. Latest version is Visual




Visual Basic 6.0 Editions

Visual Basic is configured in many editions to make it fit for all types of developers.

There are three different type of versions for Visual Basic.

  1. Learning Edition

learning edition is released to students or learners. Its equipped with all basic controls and tools to get started.

  1. Professional Edition

This version is for developers who already have programming experience. Learning Edition , controls and wizards are included.

  1. Enterprise Edition

Enterprise Edition is for advanced developers. More controls, tools and functions are included to access advance database operations.

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