Introduction to Web Designing

Web designing Course & Introduction

In website development web designing is front end development for UI (User Interface). When we try to access a website by typing its URL to browsers address bar we get a web page containing Menus, Items, Content, Headings, Paragraphs, and Forms etc. This is called interface which we design to interact with user. User friendly interface will attract user to brows some more pages of your website and will be helpful to understand your website menus and content. A bad web design will decrease user interest to explore more content.
So its necessary to design good looking and user friendly interface for your website.

In this web site designing course we will learn from basics how to design a good web design or interface for your website. Now days there are small handy devices to brows internet like mobile phones and tablets. So we have to design page which fits all types of displays for example if user visit your website using desktop everything will goes fine but if someone browsing through mobile phone your page would not be fit to small display.

In this case user has to zoom in web page. A mobile friendly web page is called responsive design which can be responsive different displays.



While going through this course we will learn how to create responsive web design using CSS.3 and we will learn HTML to create a web interface.
HTML creates basic website structure and using CSS we can Style it.
Also we will use JavaScript to make our website more responsive with user interaction.


What is in this Course

1. HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language)
2. CSS 3 (Cascading Style Sheet)
3. Java Script
4. JQuery
5. AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript And XML)
6. Design Logics & Principles
7. FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
8. A Complete Project For Web Designing
9. Responsive Designs
10. And Many More . . . . .

After completing the course you will be able to create a professional level website design. We will cover this course by posting lectures or content to CodeClick.net so keep visiting this website and don’t forget to leave your feed back. Also join me at whatsapp I already shared my whatsapp number above. It would be helpful for me to understand your requirements to while creating course content for your.


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