Best Alternative for Keywordshitter Tool – with Advanced Options

Best Alternatives For KeywordShitter Tool

Do you love using keywordshitter tool??  for discovering new keywords for your webiste? These are the best alternative tools for keyword shitter if keyword shitter is not working for you.

For some unknown reasons, keywordshitter website is not loading from several days. The keywordShitter was the best tool for discovering new keywords around the web.

You can consider using the following tools as alternative for keywordshitter.

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KeywordShitter Alternatives.

  1. KeywordShitter 2
  2. Keyword Finder
  3. Keyword Tool .IO
  4. Ubersuggest


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Why KeywordShitter 2 is Best Alternative ??

KeywordShitter 2 is a newer version and harvests keywords from google suggestions and autofill options. This tool will help you to discover new keywords and topic ideas to rank for. So I strongly recommend you to use this tool.

Other keyword tools are working on some different methods so you can consider them also.

with keywordshitter 2 you can shit keywords from many other search engines like youtube, amazon, yandex and many more.

Google Keyword Research

This awsome keyword finding tool will help you to search keywords from google regional results. For example you can find keywords from google US, gooogle India and google africa etc. This is a realy amazing tool to find new keywords. and still it is free to use.

Twitter Keyword Research

This tool is helpful to find keywords and hash tags in twitter. You can resarch how people are searching in twitter search box. You can find more keywords and optimize your content as well.

Yahoo Keyword Finder

Get out some pretty decent keywords from Yahoo auto Suggestions and auto complete options. This keyword tool also supports following search engines.

Bing Auto Suggestions

You can use this free keyword research tool to grab keywords from bing auto Suggestions . you will also see options about google news keywords and finding best keywords for online shopping and ecommerce websites using google shopping keyword Suggestion options.

Linkedin Keyword Research

Linkedin keyword option is also available for free. There are many other keyword options so you can find any keywords from any search engine aroun the internet.

Following search engines are now supported and functional completely. We are constantly updating our SEO tools so stay tuned and keep visiting our site.

ebay search 
Amazon keywords finder
Google images
YouTube Keyword Research
Google videos
Google books
Google news
Google Shopping


Keyword shitter 2 is totally customizable you can set many filters and also customize shitting options. After using ones you will live this free tool.

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