Maham Name Meaning in Urdu [According to History]

Maham Name Definition in URDU

Maham is a beautiful Muslim baby girl name. Maham name meaning in Urdu according to History and Urdu Dictionary is beautiful. And according to history, Maham was the name of Mughal King.

Maham Name Gender

Maham is used for female or baby girls in the Muslim community. This is a really beautiful name and now trending.

So in simple words, Maham has no meaning just she was a Mughal King wife. That’s why people like it. Also, it is considered an Islamic name.

I have done a lot of research for searching for Maham name’s proper meaning then I have come to the conclusion that I have shared with you.

In URDU language Maham has four words in English MAHAM name contains five letters.

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