3rd Tutorial Requirements to work with PHP and MySql

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Requirements to work with PHP and MySql

Before we start learning PHP we need some tools and requirements to work with PHP and MySql to be already installed in our computer.

Here we will discuss these tools and will learn how to install them. If you are already familiar with PHP tools and requirements then you can find next Tutorial Here


What is required?

  1. XAMPP
  2. Text Editor


What is XAMPP?

XAMPP is a software tool which provide the complete PHP environment to develop and execute PHP code. It has built-in Apache server and also built-in MySql server.

Its very functional and save out lot of time to configure servers and other parameters while creating PHP programming environment.

Its simple and easy to use just you have to install it and start its services. Like apache server or MySql server etc.




What is included in XAMPP package?

  1. Apache web server
  2. MySQL data base server
  3. SQLite flat file database server
  4. PHPmyadmin
  5. ADOdb
  6. Mercury Mail email server
  7. FTP file transfer protocol
  8. Zend Optimizer


All these utilities are included in XAMPP we don’t have to install individually. That’s why XAMPP saves lot of time. All utilities are pre configured in XAMPP server.


XAMPP server installation and configurations


First download the XAMPP server from the internet its easily available or you can search google to get latest version of XAMPP.

Installation method is as usual as other software installations are in windows no specific configurations are required at installation time.

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Next when you have successfully installed XAMPP to your computer you will get a XAMPP folder in your C drive in XAMPP folder you will find a subfolder named htdocs

This is your root folder for your website testing and designing. Its placed in local host root directory you will find all your web development files here in htdocs folder.

Now open the XAMPP server and start Apache server and MySql server.

Its done.

XAMPP interace to work with PHP



Text Editor for writing PHP code


There are many text editor but I like and use Sublime Text its also available free for download.

You can use simple note pad for windows too but  sublime text is configured especially for coding pupose with different colors to different statements and functions to make it  easy viewable  code.