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What is SEO Introduction to SEO


SEO is stands for (Search Engine Optimization) SEO is a technique to optimize website to get better traffic from search engines. If you have a website and sharing your site links to social media is also grabs traffic but from search engine you can get more traffic then Marketing or any way of paid traffic. Without a better SEO a website or Blogg is useless.

In this SEO and tools tutorial we will learn in details why SEO is important what is SEO and its introduction.

Whenever someone enters a keyword or query to search engine he gets the huge list of results. Mostly user focus at few top results I mean sites at top of search results get more traffic. First page of google search is very important to get clicks on your site.



So SEO is a technique to get your website at the first page or higher in rank to get better traffic from google search. Its really hard to appear in first page of google because there are millions of results in google organic search but its not impossible even you can get your website as the first result in google search. There are many other search engines but I am talking about google again and again because google is very famous and accurate in search queries also about 90% of people always like to search through google. We will also discuess other search engines but our focus will at google SEO site optimization in google search engine. We will cover all necessities, tools, and tips here in upcoming tutorials so keep visiting Search engines are not like human I mean they can’t understand music in your website and can’t enjoy animations and movies. Search engines are robots that acts main role here. Basically search engine see text and try to understand what about your content or website is. They collect the text and key phrases from your content and after going through many algorithms they decide how to index related site. While working on SEO we make easy to understand search engines for what about our website is. SEO terms are little bit different in different search engines.

What we will learn in next tutorials

  • Proper Topic Selection (for your website or content)
  • Trending keyword Research
  • Targeted Audience Selection
  • Domain Name Importance
  • Important SEO Tools
  • World Press SEO
  • Google Web Master Tools
  • Analytics Tools
  • Quality Backlinks
  • Google Keyword Research Tool

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