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Visual Basic user interface and IDE 2nd tutorial

Basic user interface

Visual Basic user interface is very simple and easy to understand but we will also look inside to be more familiar with basic controls and toolbars. As every high level programming language has its interface in same way visual basic has very simple IDE. Visual Basic interface is Visual interface i mean you can create controls, menus, and buttons, using drag and drop method you don’t need to write code for creating basic controls. thats why its Visual Basic with visual interface. In some languages we have to create controls and components using code that involves to write extra code.

For example in HTML we write code to show an input box in our web page in same way we have to code every component we want to show in our page. But in Visual Basic we just drag a control and put it on our forms not event placing components we can also set their properties staying in Visual interface. that is great thing we can save much time and much energy of brain. Also it makes the better understanding for beginners who don’t know about controls properties and methods. They can easily understand what is going behind. Now lets start and take a look at Visual Basic Interface.

When you click to Visual Basic shortcut icon, the project will start with new project dialog box. It will appear with the following three tabs:



  1. New

This is used to create new application.

  1. Existing

Used to open an existing project or application locally saved in computer disk drives

  1. Recent
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This tab is for recently used or opened projects or applications

Select Standard EXE here and click to open visual basic programming interface.

Elements and Components of user Interface IDE

Following are some components of visual basic interface.

1.Menu Bar

Menu bar is collection of Visual Basic components and commands which we often use In development operations.

menubar Visual Basic user interface and IDE
menu bar Visual Basic user interface and IDE
  1. Tool Bar

As a menu bar tool bar is also used for accessing command and functions of IDE related to programming, But instead of text menu it consists of pictures or icon block.

Visual Basic user interface and IDE tool bar

3.Tool Box

Tool box also contain different objects and controls toolbox is often placed at left side of IDE.

toolbox vb
tool box Visual Basic user interface and IDE

5. Properties Window

Properties are the attribute of any object or control that we used in our project or applications. In property window you can access object properties like color, size, alignments and all other design related properties can be accessed here using property window. You can also set the properties of your controls using source code but its and easy way to set properties using property window.

properties windows
Visual Basic user interface and IDE

You can understand application designing steps in three ways 1st drawing user interface.

2nd Properties settings to all used components and 3rd coding your application.

here is the full interface at first look.



I hope now your are little bit familar to Basic Interface of Visual Basic 6 but there are many other hidden controls. Which we will use in future related to our requirements but these are all basic controls we learnt here in this lesson.

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If you wanna see more controls and toolbars you can activate them going through View Menu located at menu bar.



So now we will dive deep into programming with Visual Basic 6. I recommend you strongly to install visual basic 6 professional version to your personal computers. So get ready to start programming.

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