Web Development

Introduction to Web development

While working on web design we have to built a user interface for website visitors . we call its front end development we use HTML, CSS, Javascript to create a better and responsive user interface or web page. Responsive web pages are responsive as device display size they can adjust their size according to display size of relative device. But while we have to improve functionality of our Website or we have to execute some logics or calculations then we need to program it at server side. Programming at server side called backend programming or server side programming.

For in this term we can say Web Development is a server side programming that runs on web server. But a front end programming like web design or designing like CSS, HTML, or Java Scritpt are client side programming and always executes in clients machine. For server side languages there are many famous names like ASP, ASP.net, PHP.

But PHP is very famous and used widely so we will use PHP in next tutorials. You can find here PHP introduction

to know why PHP is famous enough and why we prefer to use PHP.

For data storage purpose we will use Mysql as database. MySql is also famous like PHP and mostly used together. you can find more about MySQL here

What we will learn in Web Development Course

  1.  PHP introduction and Requirements to work with PHP.
  2.  How Setup your Computer For Web Development.
  3. XAMPP server to work at local host.
  4. PHP OOP
  5. A complete project using PHP
  6. MY SQL introduction and Database Managment
  7. Uploading website to Web Host
  8. Managing Cpanel for Hosting
  9. Connecting your brand new domain to a hosting company.
  10. And many more . . . 

I hope at the end of this course you will be able to design a professional level website from scratch to advanced.

We will cover all topics in simple and easy way we will focus at pints that could be little bit confusing.

Please don’t forget to contact us if you have any question or suggestions to make our course more better. Because we will grow together so staying in contact is important as i mentioned my whatsapp number above. Everyone is free to ask any thing related to our courses. All courses are  free for everyone.


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