What is HTML

What is HTML, Introduction

HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is a language can be understood by web browsers. What is HTML role in web designing? We design websites using HTML its used to create basic website structure. We can create controls, Buttons, Forms and Menus using HTML. It’s a markup language use set of tags to define different controls, actions and content. Let me explain in details what is HTML? If you are familiar with computer programming or you have did any piece of code at school or university level. You should know every software program needs a plate form to run. We cant execute a EXE file in MAC or Android operating system. A plate form is basically an operating system which can understand the executable file (Software) source code algorithms.

In this way when we look at website designing our browser acts like an operating system and we have to write code for browsers. So browsers can understand HTML tags. We can say HTML is language for browsers. Its universal standard for web designing. Because while people surfing the internet they use different devices and different operating systems. But one thing they used commonly is web browser. That’s why we can visit any web page from our mobile device. That’s why we don’t need to design separate websites for different type of operating systems or devices.



HTML is very easy to learn and understand and we will also learn HTML and all its components in very simple way that could be more easy for you. We will not go through details about history of HTML or Older versions because I want to make it easy for you. We will learn step by step in next chapters. Honestly when I started web designing and learnt HTML I just covered in 1 week only. As my experience it’s the easiest part of website design.

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Keep visiting CodeClick.net we will post more chapters and lessons for HTML complete course. In next lesson we will learn about basic structure of HTML. Using basic tags and a little piece of code.


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