2nd Tutorial What is MYSQL

What is MYSQL

While working on any project especially to a dynamic website web needs to store our data somewhere. So what is MySQL. Mysql is very fast Relational Database Management System(RDBMS),

which is free to use for any purpose. Database Management system provides access to data storage and to search specific data and save data for specific query.

MYSQL is an enhanced database system to handle many users same time and also very powerful and fast enough along with latest security tools. Because only authorized persons can access and update data queries.




Structured Query Language (SQL) is a standard language to update and retrieve data from all kinds of databases.

Here in this tutorial we will use MySql as database and will use SQL for accessing database if you are already familiar to SQL its very good if not don’t worry we will cover it while learning.


Why we should use MySql and PHP ?

As we already discussed in PHP introduction that PHP is an open-source and free to use in same way the MySql is also free and open source.



Also PHP supports almost all types of operating systems and databases.

Enhanced Built-in functions

PHP has many useful built-in functions to use in programming requirements so we have

to code less.

Source Code Availability

Source code for PHP projects is easily available to the internet also you will find many forums to get help from.

Because PHP is free to use so almost all developers use PHP and share there experience to the forums. 3rd Tutorial Requirements to work with PHP. If you like our efforts or tutorials please like our facebook page and share tutorial with your friends.