1st Tutorial What is PHP ? Introductory PHP tutorial

What is PHP an introductory PHP Tutorial

Nowadays PHP is very famous and used extensively in website development. So in this PHP tutorial, we will learn what is PHP and why its used in web development.

PHP is a server side language to perform logical operations also to process data received from user.

PHP is simple and easy to learn and with powerful features which extends its functionality to get better programming experience and performance as a server side language.

Server side language means PHP runs and executes at server even your PHP code does not appear to user’s browser or in web source code.

Before start learning PHP its better to get some knowledge about HTML if you don’t know about HTML then also fine we will manage it. You can find HTML course here while learning PHP.

But if you are already  familiar  with HTML this course will appear much easier to you.

PHP works on Apache Server for dynamic websites PHP known as best one of main reason about PHP fame is Free and Fee tools for PHP.




What we can do with PHP?

As the PHP is server side language for server side programming we can do much more using PHP.

For example we can create programming logics, Calculations, different logical operations, security related programming, and also we can use database tools with PHP.

In simple web designing we just create user interface and page links.

But if we have to add some logics or conditions then we need to program it at server side because comparing different conditions is only possible with programming.

Why we use server side programming? Actually to deal with security issues its necessary to hide your programming script form client end, That’s why we use PHP as a server side language for website development.

From simple conditions to complex logical operations all we can do with the help of PHP.


History of PHP

Mr.Rasmus Lerdorf created PHP for its personal requirements in 1994 which was a set of

Micros to check who has visited his website. But very next year he created a new version of PHP and named it Personal Home Page Tool he also added some new functions in it.

This version of PHP became first choice of web developers. In third version of PHP  which was actually second version of PHP he added SQL support and Parsing.

In 1997 almost 50,000 websites was running on PHP. Upon best response from users he started team work and made PHP an open source language.

Open source mean its open for all website developers they can freely use it with out having license or permissions from PHP founders.

you can find 2nd PHP Tutorial Here make sure to read all tutorials in sequence for better basic understanding.