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What is WordPress? WordPress Tutorial

Now a days website designing is very easy because of latest content management systems. In wordpress tutorial we will talk about how to use wordpress.

There are many online website builders that makes the web designing easy and approachable for everyone.

So what is wordpress? While talking about CMS (Content Management System), there are many CMS available too but WordPress is the best one and deserves to stay on top of the list.

Actually when we design a website using HTML and CSS we have to manage each section of website using source code and many style sheets.

That makes the web building process lengthy and confused for new web designers.

But a better content management system can manage it for us and provide good user interface to develop or design a good responsive website. According to my experience WordPress  is the best CMS.

I will suggest you and provide you complete wordpress tutorial to use WordPress. If you have a plan to create your own blog or website, keep visiting CodeClick.net to learn WordPress.

You will find all about WordPress how to use wordpress themes and plugins even how to use wordpress for developers to develop your own theme and plugins.

WordPress is  not only easy to use but also providing huge and extended functionality for Bloggers or web designers to manage their content in well organized way.

By the way, for your information I want to tell you that the  website CodeClick.net is also designed in WordPress. I will try to make this wordpress tutorial very easy and simple for you.

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Because I know beginner have to face which type of problems when they start website designing.




What we will learn next in WordPress Tutorial

You will cover the complete WordPress tutorial in next posts, We will make sure to provide you better and easy way to learn. One thing keep in mind, wordpress is very easy in itself and have a graphical user interface.

So don’t worry about coding because  drag and drop method is mostly used to arrange website components. Below is the list of main topics that we will cover through these WordPress Tutorials course.


  1. WordPress Dashboard Understanding
  2. Post Elements and Post Optimization.
  3. Installing and configuring themes
  4. Installing and using Plugins
  5. Creating New WordPress Themes
  6. Creating New WordPress Plugins
  7. Customizing Themes
  8. Best Available Plugins and Themes
  9. Creating and Managing User Accounts
  10. Social Sharing for your Content
  11. Working with Widgets and Menus
  12. Working with Post and Image Attributes
  13. Customized Permalinks and Post Descriptions
  14. A complete Website Designing Project using WordPress


What is required to work with WordPress

Actually there are no special requirements for WordPress. Just a good internet connection with a working PC is required.

Because for website hosting purpose, WordPress provides free hosting and domain name at WordPress.org as sub domain. So while learning WordPress, we will work in real WordPress environment.

We hope you will find these tutorials interesting and useful.

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